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We are recruiting for Unreal Tournament 2004 and Battlefield 2

Custom day of Defeat maps added to Download page.

Welcome to our Website

#db4d and #db4d.ut2k4 on Quakenet


Our Day of Defeat Source server is now online at

This month we welcome new members. O ur DoD Squad is boosted by =DB4D=kIdgo and our Battlefield 2 Squad is boosted by =DB4D=Garaan. Please visit our servers and meet the Clan.



Day of Defeat Source to be released Monday 26th September 2005 at 2300hrs GMT. Official news release here


26-28th August 2005

2005 Annual Clan Meet - Newcastle

We wont be accepting any challenges between the above dates as the bravest of us will be in Newcastle (thats in England) for a weekend sampling its good food and beverages. You may find our servers a bit empty, enjoy it while it lasts.

Magic Baz, STUpid and Slane will be leading us around the pubs of clubs of their fine city, and maybe even some paintball and Karting in between, whilst keeping us out of jail.

If you are in the TOON over the weekend and spot a shellshocked out-of-towner, please help him into a taxi and makes sure he gets back to his hotel.


August 4th 2005

We are RECRUITING for our Battlefield 2 squad. Click here for application form. The BF2 squad has been accepted into the Enemy Down BF2 Ladder. Visit our server at

The Unreal Tournament 2004 squad is competing regularly in friendly and Clanbase matches and gaining valuable experience. They can be found on our server most nights fragging into the small hours. Frag them at

Day of defeat is due a major engine update in the form of DoD:Source, which will port Day of Defeat onto the HL2 game engine promising high definition graphics and improved game physics. Latest news from Valve is that they hope to release it by 1st September. We have increased our Enemy Down Euro DoD Ladder position over 25 places. This has partly been due to the efforts of Chunk who heads our ED campaign and the rest of the DoD squad who played in the ED matches. Keep up the good work! Nade them at


July 3rd 2005

** Congratulations **

MagicBaz and Miss Berni

on their Marriage !!

Best wishes from all at =DB4D=


June 21st 2005

We now have a Battlefield 2 demo server online at

PSYCHOSTATS for our Day of Defeat server are now available HERE

June 11th 2005 06:11hrs

Valve have released the following info indicating that Day of Defeat:Source will be released soon (again). Fingers crossed !

Friday, June 10 2005

We've been pretty quiet about Day of Defeat: Source in the last few weeks. But new information and images from DoD: Source will be made available starting next week, as we lead to its release. We've been steadily working away on this project, and we're excited to see what everyone thinks of what we've produced.


May 23rd 2005 09:18hrs

The Recruitment web form is down. Im unable to say how long this has been offline. We reply to all recruitment applications so if you have not received a reply please email us again at db4dclan@hotmail.com with the details requested at RECRUITMENT . We still require recruits for Battlefield Vietnam . The Unreal Tournament 2004 squad are looking for 2 more dedicated and skilled recruits to complete their squad.


May 8th 2005 02:48hrs

Death B4 Dishonour in association with www.ultra-serve.co.uk is proud to announce a new 20 man Day of Defeat server at with HLTV and Teamspeak channel. Please visit the new server and meet the clan.

All Day of Defeat Clan members please contact Chequered asap for server payment details.

The UT2k4 squad has been boosted by the arrival of Decimator and Pulsar. The squad have been competing in the Clanbase UT2k4 ladder , Jolt 3v3 Onslaught Cup , Jolt Onslaught Cup Season 3 and are looking forward to Season 4.

The Battlefield Vietnam server is now ONLINE at Recruitment is still open for our Battlefield Vietnam Squad. Sign up for 'Nam on our Recruitment page.

Our Counterstrike:Source server is now online at running a standard map rotation.


March 20th 2005 01:12hrs

New members Phoenix (AWOL) - UT2k4, Azzybaby - BFV, Garv - DoD, Hugahuntero - UT2k4 .

UT2k4 server is being renewed and the BFV server is performing well. Both the BFV and UT2k4 (Jolt Cup) squads recorded wins this week. Well done lads!

DoD squad is fighting in the SFH Invitational League season 5, Enemy Down Cup, tBs Ladder and Enemy Down Euro Ladder. Our main DoD server now has HLTV running full time at .

We are in the process of migrating to a new web host generously sponsored by www.bauhausuk.com . This will allow us access to a much larger webspace and database facilities.


February 26th 2005 14:50

Our Battlefield Vietnam server is now online at . The server is very stable and copes easily with 20 players. Initial feelings are that we will increase the player limit when the server is renewed.

On Thursday 24/2/05 we hosted a 4 clan Allied clan match. OLSC and DB4D took on Red Army and Lowstress clans in a 12-a-side challenge on Kraftstoff.

The SFH League Season 5 has started more info at SFH League . Due to some problems with the Enemy Down Ladder database system some of us cant access our accounts there. As a result =DB4D=Chunk is taking charge of our ED challenges.

Day of Defeat server issues have lost us a lot of regular players. We have decided to reduce our servers to one main server which can be adjusted in size to suit matches, public play and any multi clan events. This should prevent lag problems and make the server stable again. Please visit our Clanserver at (feel free to copy and paste this IP into your favourites in the STEAM server browser.

The Jolt Onslaught League has been underway for a number of weeks with our Onslaught Squad in action every Sunday at 7pm. We entered the competition soon after forming our clan and have got a lot of good exposure. Recruitment is still open for our UT Squad. Check out our forums for the new Unreal engine tech demo. The UT section of our website has been updated - thanks to =DB4D=Barxy.

Our first CS Source match against SOL left us with a default win after they failed to turn up. The good sign was around a dozen of us turned up and made use of their custom map server for a few hours. Despite SOLs no-show a good time was had by all.


January 24th 2005 18:27

Our re-entry into the Enemy Down DoD Euro Ladder has started well with wins in our first 2 matches.

Many of us have started playing Counterstrike:Source and =DB4D=Sl@ne will be leading our assault against other CS:Source clans. A part time CS:Source server will be running at during DoD server downtimes.

The Unreal Tournament Squad has 2 new members =DB4D=Ssnoop and =DB4D=Mortiss who will be helping us in our assault on the Jolt Onslaught Season 3 . The UT server has been popular with Onslaught fans and runs a standard map list and Anti-Cheat scanner.

Funds are being collected to purchase a new Battlefield Vietnam server. More details to follow this week.

Work in progress - Members page updated to show game icons for members instead of text. New members to be added. New Members page layout to be tested. More CS:Source content to be added to website.

January 5th 2005 09:41

We have 2 new Day of Defeat Servers online. Please add the following IP addreses to your favourites. - Server 1 - Server 2


January 1st 2005 00:01

Happy New Year to all of our members, friends and visitors.


December 18th 2004 15:06

The Death B4 Dishonour Unreal Tournament server now online at

It will be adminned by =DB4D=NiKitA, =DB4D=Squinty(UT DCL) and =DB4D=Chequered


December 1st 2004 15:00

Half Life 2 Deathmatch has been released today. To allow us to test it out =DB4D=Techman has provided a 14 man server IP


November 22nd 2004 01:59

We welcome 4 new members to our Battlefield Vietnam Squad


They have brought us their BFV skills and experience. The squad is on manoevres and planning for future engagements in PCWs and the Enemy Down Ladder.

Our Day of Defeat squad has also been boosted with the arrival of

=DB4D=TaZ - Toon Army
=DB4D=Porky - Granite City Rifleman
=DB4D=CannonFodder - Ex M2K's finest
=DB4D=Oddball - Fighting Englishman

Welcome Comrades!

Our Day of Defeat Squad is doing well in the Enemy Down Euro Ladder and more matches are planned for the coming weeks. We have also accepted an invitation to compete in the SFH League Season 5. We made it to the Quarter Finals last season and hope to surpass that this time around.

New Custom Maps added to the Download Page :- Clervaux3b, Oslo_Classic, Caen2_Classic, Heutau_b1 and Seg3.


November 2nd 2004 08:50

All members have been emailed about the server renewal. This is your last chance to contribute to the upkeep of our servers. Email Chequered asap if you havent received any info.

Our assault on the SFH League has come to a close. We reached the Quarter Finals and fought well against UKSF. It was very close at the half way point but UKSF won the day. Well done to everyone who helped us get so far.

Clan News - Welcome to new members Porky and Taz ( a regular on our server). Barxy is updating and refining our Unreal Tournament 2004 website pages. We are active in Enemy Down and slowly climbing up from the bottom of the Ladder after a long period of inactivity. =DB4D=Mo is signing us up to the tBs DoD Ladder


September 27th 2004 21:33

Death B4 Dishonour have created an Unreal Tournament 2004 squad. =DB4D= Barxy will lead the way into Unreal Territory. He is currently recruiting UT2004 players who agree with our rules and enjoy playing UT2k4 as part of a team. Signup at our Recruitment page.

New members Choco T and Slight join us and Q.O.T.S.A. returns to us after a year at Uni. Older but, sadly, none the wiser ;)

No sooner had we reached the Semi Finals of the OwP League then we heard the sad news of the OwPs demise. We have also finished our campaign in the SFH League. A lot was learned and fun was had. We are now active again in Enemy Down European DoD Ladder Division 2.

Thanks to Techmans wizardry and generosity the Clan now has access to a 1 terabyte Data Storage unit. We believe we are the first clan to have such a facility. Techman has also acquired a full Teamspeak Licence and runs our own 4mb up/down server allowing us full quality audio communications within all games simultaneously.


September 19th 2004 21:00

1 Year old Today

Happy Birthday = DB4D =


July 1, 2004 19:38Our Day of Defeat server now has 3 custom maps in the standard rotation dod_saints, dod_northbound and dod_zafod. You can download them from Scotlands Finest Highlanders download page. We have been invited to join the SFH League which starts next week. The Online Warfare Pact have also invited us to take part in a League which will also hopefully begin this month. As there is so much happening for us in DoD we have become inactive in the Enemy Down ladder for now. The Jolt League is past the halfway stage.

Our Battlefield Vietnam squad has begun its conquest of the Enemy Down ladder. They lost a close fought match with ladder leaders RyE^ and face top clan SOL tonight. The BFV server with b33f will not be renewed due to a number of performance issues.


June 1, 2004 14:04Our Battlefield Vietnam server is now Online at . Our Part time Battlefield Server can be found at So far we have played 2 BFV friendlies and won both. Everyone that took part enjoyed the slower pace of BFV and the large, open maps. We now use Xfire to track each other online. GeorgeFornby and Techman are doing a great job getting both servers and Admin up and running.Our Day of Defeat squad has played 2 matches in Division 2 of the Jolt League. Due to probelms with the seeding we find ourselves up against the type of clans that usually win by 1000 points. A lack of start time rotation also means that we are starting at 6 or 7pm so half the Clan cant make it. With a bit of luck they will listen to us and alter the format.


May 21, 2004 13:57Well done to our BF:Vietnam squad who won DB4D's first ever BFV match, a friendly against PTG. Final score was 4-0. Our Day of Defeat squad won their Enemy Down match against TFS-The Firing Squad 419-247.The Jolt DoD League starts on Sunday 23/05/04 with a match on Anzio against the Spanish Clan, Devils Brigade. PTG challenged us to a BFV rematch the following Thursday 27/05/04.Day of Defeat v1.2 was released on STEAM on 20/05/04 in the UK. New classes weapons and features are included. New maps will follow soon. Rumour has it that there will be no more DoD updates. Full details of changelog on our forum.


May 1, 2004Blitzer and GeorgeFornby have agreed to assist in the running of the Battlefield Vietnam squad. They both put a lot of time into BFV and will no doubt do a good job. GeorgeFornby is currently working on a new BFV map. More news on that soon. Chunk is a new member to our Day of Defeat squad. He has been involved in DoD for a number of years and is a worthy addition to our squad after the departure of Wucan, one of our first members.


April 26, 2004 1:57Welcome to FatherVic, a New Recruit to our Battlefield Vietnam Squad, and Typhus joins our Day of Defeat Squad. Stats are working again. View Death B4 Dishonour DoD server statistics here Day of Defeat Training every Tuesday and Sunday from approx 9pm. Battlefield Vietnam Training every Wednesday or Thursday from approx 9pm. Please have a look at the DELL competition banner at the top of the page.


April 19th, 2004 17:43=DB4D= Clan Server Renewal - All members please check your email for reminder.Psychostats are down at present. 4U are aware. Quote from BlueHawk of 4U servers " The whole stats system is b0rked, will need full reinstall of box and system. This will take some time. " Our own =DB4D=GeorgeFornby has just finished his first custom map for Battlefield Vietnam called Canyons . It is being hosted by Jolt and can be downloaded here . Well done Mike. More information about this map and screenshots are available on our forums here The Lowstress Cup II came to a close for us after defeats by UKSF and BeF. Both are top Day of Defeat Clans and we learned a lot from both battles. The Jolt DoD Leagues look like they will be held up for another month or two whilst they reopen the entry application process. Pacific Trident Global, A BFV clan, have challenged us to our first BFV clan match - more details here


April 10, 2004 2:41Our Battlefield Vietnam Squad has 8 members. One of them is new member Typhus, the rest are existing clan members (more info on members page ). We have signed up for the Enemy Down Euro BFV Ladder. Individual STATS for all games have been added to members page. We have been invited to take part in the OwP Cup and are throught to the next stage of the LS Cup II (somehow!?!?) with our first match on Tuesday 12/04/04 on Anzio against UKSF. After our break from competitive DoD its all hands to the decks as we resume our campaign on the Enemy Down Euro Ladder on Monday 11/04/04 against tBs on our favourite map Avalanche.


=DB4D= Death B4 Dishonour Presents ..................

Recruiting now !

We play a Half Life Modification called DAY OF DEFEAT and have created a Battlefield Vietnam Squad. (see Recruitment)

DB4D were formed in September 2003 and is made up of people with varying degrees of experience with DoD. We pride ourselves on our fairplay and friendly good natured game style. All members enjoy teamwork, fairplay and having a laugh in-game.If you want to find us please visit our irc channel on Quakenet at #db4d or on our Clan server at or on other UK DoD servers.

You can also contact us at db4dclan@hotmail.com or on our forums.

This website is Work in Progress and will be altered regularly.Please check regularly for updates.


Contact us at :- db4dclan@hotmail.com
BF2 contact :- bf2@deathb4dishonour.co.uk
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Current Position

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